This is the most original and probably most effective way of one person conveying their knowledge and experience to another. This type of lesson enables you to focus on individual needs and devise an effective, personalised programme, which takes into consideration individual goals, desires and skills. The impetus this gives to participants can also be explored in greater depth in subsequent sessions, including ongoing requests or, alternatively, a completely new goal can be set.

Example schedule for a typical one-to-one private session:
First meeting: we hold a detailed discussion to explore individual preferences, needs, requirements, and wishes and then decide on goals. An individual concept is then devised for personal support and the yoga session itself, which can also be practiced at home or in other private settings. This concept also includes completely individual lifestyle and nutrition recommendations and also features mental coaching.

Reflection: in subsequent sessions, we discuss how the client perceives their current condition and we then focus once again on their individual needs.

Auf Anfrage und je nach Bedürfnis
Upon request and depending on expense
Drafting and coordinating holistic, individualised concepts, which suit clients and correspond to their needs.

Upon request and depending on time and effort.

The idea of a retreat is to get away from everything to relax and recuperate. The day starts and ends with yoga and meditation and includes quiet time, walks, massages and anything else that is necessary. The retreats take place in Zurich or another carefully selected location.

1-day retreat
3-day retreat
1-week retreat or longer

Depending on time/effort and the individual concept. I can gladly put together an offer which includes any hotel costs, dietary needs and a private programme of activities.

Upon request and in accordance with the concept – can also be held in other countries.
Detox yoga session
Detox yoga weekend
Detox yoga week

For the purification of the body, spirit and soul through yoga, meditation, special nutrition and other detoxifying techniques and practices. Various yoga and detox packages are available. Detox day, detox weekend or detox week, as well as weekend yoga and/or detox holiday retreat, which can be linked with an excursion to an inspiring location.

Practical yoga sessions for true inner and outer beauty. Through balancing your emotions and improving breathing and flexibility you will feel significantly younger and this will shine through for all to see. Special exercises will help enhance blood circulation, amongst other aspects, which can improve your physical condition.
Translated, nidra means ‘sleep’, but this does not refer to conventional sleep, rather a specific and conscious form of sleep. Yoga nidra is therefore an awareness technique which trains attentiveness and leads to conscious ‘yogic sleep’.
Yoga nidra imparts full clarity from a psychological perspective and leads to complete bodily relaxation.

60 minutes: CHF 120
30 minutes: CHF 80

I offer lectures, seminars, coaching and advice on these topics for private individuals and companies – price upon request.
For less stress, more energy and increased well-being: coaching which encompasses physical, emotional, social and psychological life aspects. Costs provided upon request.
For balancing and healing the body, spirit and soul – restoring harmony to the patient’s energy system to increase quality of life.

My healing sessions involve a centering process to calm the spirit and bring it into harmony with the body. The flow of energy is stabilised and this activates self-healing powers.

Special yoga exercises and mental training for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Helps improve sporting capabilities by training and enhancing equilibrium, agility, stamina, flexibility, as well as stability and mental strength through conscious effort.
Performing yoga before, during and after pregnancy is the ideal way to experience the new changes with curiosity, joy and self-confidence. The exercises are specially designed for those looking to conceive, as well as pregnant women and those who have given birth already. During pregnancy, an inner link is created with the child and yoga exercises can help your body prepare for the birth in a gentle and caring way. This special type of yoga is suitable for women with experience of yoga as well as complete beginners and is tailored to every stage of pregnancy.
Corporate- Yoga ermöglicht regelmässige Yoga Gruppenkurse an Ihrem Arbeitsplatz. Alles, was Sie brauchen, ist ein freies Zimmer während der Mittagspause, vor der Arbeit oder nach der Arbeit. Eine Gruppe von Mitarbeitern kann so die Vorteile einer regelmässigen, beruhigenden und entspannenden Yoga-Praxis ohne grossen Aufwand geniessen. Diese Kurse können auch als Coference-Break gebucht werden, beispielsweise vor oder während Meetings – oder als eigenständige Workshops.

Corporate yoga brings regular group sessions to your workplace. All you need is a free room during the lunch break or before/after work. It enables a group of colleagues to enjoy the benefits of frequent, calming and relaxing yoga exercise without great effort or expense. These courses can also be arranged for breaks during conferences , such as before or after meetings, or as a stand-alone workshop.

The benefits of corporate yoga and yoga nidra

For employees:
• Stress reduction
• Increases energy, alertness and productivity
• Physical and spiritual fitness
• Improves focus and concentration

For companies:
• Cost savings due to a potential reduction in absences
• Increases productivity
• Reduces staff turnover
• Employees feel more committed to the company
• Promotes team spirit


An interpreter can be reserved for all languages if required; price upon request.