After studying psychology and graduating with a diploma as a specialist therapist for psychotherapy and transaction analysis, my first yoga session was during a private trip to India. This experience moved me to such an extent that I decided to merge western psychology with the Asian science of yoga for my career – a concept which has certainly proven its worth over the years.

After returning, I decided to take part in my first yoga training course in India with Sivanada Yoga. I then continued my training in yoga nidra at the Bihar School of Yoga, also in India. Altogether, I spent two years in India and completed my training in accordance with the international guidelines of the Yoga Alliance with a diploma as a yoga instructor. I then had many years of practical experience when I learnt about a wide variety of styles and methods which I could integrate into my teaching.

I have been teaching meditation at HATHA YOGA for 10 years and I create individual concepts and offer private retreats. My extensive experience allows me to put together comprehensive and holistic health sessions and retreats, for which I devise special, individual concepts for use around the world, also in close collaboration with specialist doctors and clinics.

My training, work and approaches are comprehensive and international and are offered to clients with a range of nationalities from a variety of countries around the world.

I speak German and English and I work with professional interpreters for all other languages.

My sessions are varied, creative and always individually tailored to clients’ needs. For me, discretion, clarity, authenticity and precision are not simply buzz words, rather they form an integral part of my approach.

I am particularly concerned with imparting values and ideas to clients, which can easily be implemented into people’s lives in a specific way. The success this approach brings is clearly visible in many cases due to the motivation and joy that I engender in my clients, helping them to advance themselves on a personal and/or professional level.

I have been able to construct a professional network based on my many years of experience, international presence and collaboration with specialists on various issues. I can therefore always turn to this network as and when needed.

Experience has shown that holding sessions in small groups is the most meaningful approach because it enables me to cater to clients’ individual needs in a targeted way.

I have benefitted from the tutelage of very good teachers, but the best education I receive is from my daily practical work, my personal experiences and, of course, my clients.

I currently live and practice yoga in Zurich but I also treat clients around the world.